Monday, April 21, 2014

'Heaven Is For Real' earns $21.5M over Easter weekend

Christian-themed films continue to do well at the box-office.

"Heaven Is For Real" is the latest hit, earning $21.5 million over the Easter weekend. The film opened in the middle of last week and has a total domestic gross of $28.5 million in its first five days. With a production budget of $12 million, "Heaven Is For Real" has already recouped its money.

"God's Not Dead" continued to score with audiences, earning $4.8 million over the Easter weekend, bringing its five-week total to $48.3 million. That's a remarkable showing for a film that cost just $2 million to make and has had little publicity. But audiences are finding it.

Another remarkable box-office story is "Son of God," the re-edited version of the History Channel's "The Bible" mini-series. "Son of God" has earned $59.4 million over the past eight weeks.

And then there's "Noah" which cost $125 million to make but has grossed just $93.2 million in four weeks. So much for anti-Christian Hollywood bragging that this film was directed by an atheist and it avoided mentioning the word "God" at any point.

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